Nowadays, the communication sector needs to innovate in order to exist. Innovation is a process of introducing something new into a field. This is one of the main way to take competitive advantages by aswering to consumers expectations.

There are two ways to innovate :

  • Innovation spot
  • Continuous innovation

Communication makes it a point of honor to the last one because it is a well-known fact that society and its expectations evolve and modernize.

Consumers are in need of novelty and originality to consume. They do not want to make do with what they already have and saw. They must be surprised and become an actor of consumption. To illustrate, take the example of McDonald’s innovates by offering its customers to play video game in the street named « Pick N’Play ». This game offers the user a fun, innovative and interactive challenge where they can play for their favorite McDonald’s treat.
McDonald's : Interactive "Pick N' Play" Billboard.

McDonald's : Interactive "Pick N' Play" Billboard.



Digital Cheese, Digital Bacon !
By Léa Lequien